Basic Embroidery   Lecture
Saturday     June 7
3:00 pm
Which stabilizer do I use? Why are there different embroidery threads & needles? Why don't my designs sew out properly? These questions & more, will be addressed in the Lecture Class:
Embroidery Threads, Needles, Stabilizers, etc.

Basic Embroidery     Let's Embroider
Saturday  June 7
*4:00 pm 
If you need some help getting started with embroidery, then get the unit out of the closet & join us for hands-on machine embroidery! Basics, covering hooping & more as you succeed in making an embroidered project!
*This class will follow the Lecture & is estimated to start at 4:00

Supplies are available for purchase.

Limited space is available & Reservations require a non-refundable deposit.
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