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Classes* for GOODLETTSVILLE Location!    808 Meadowlark Ln     615-859-9900
Serger Class
Tues   Nov 24   11-2
This is the perfect class to get you using your serger in time to make some CHRISTmas gifts!
You will learn Rolled edges (great for napkins), Ruffles & More!
Dana has created a removable band you can use to decorate your pillow throughout the year.
Class Fee $30 + supplies.
You will need your Serger & Thread
& we have kits available in a couple of color-ways!
Basic Training Owners Classes*
Days Vary (Classes I-V)  11-2pm   or   6-9pm    begins Sept 24th
These classes are designed to familiarize you with your sewing machine. Whether you are sewing clothes, quilts, or crafts, you need to know the features & proper way to use your machine. There is Not a Class Fee to SME Owners.
Everyone needs to purchase a kit. You may take one class or the series, but Pre-Training & Class I are required to attend any of the other classes. Most of the 'scheduled' techniques to be taught in each class are listed.
Pre Training  is a  One-on-One class that includes Basics of your machine: Threading, Winding Bobbin, etc.
Class I    Thurs,Dec 10th  11-2pm or 6-9pm  Review of Pre-training, Threads, Needles, Cleaning, Overview of Feet, Needle Positions, Test Sew; including Zig-Zag & Decorative Stitches    Kit
This series will begin again in Jan 2016
Class II   Thurs  11-2pm or  6-8:30pm Seams, Knits, Hems, Buttonholes    Kit  $5
Class III  Thurs  11-2 or 5:30-9pm Tucks, Pleats, Gathering, Elastic    Kit  $5
Class IV  Thurs  15 11-2  or 5:30-8:30pm     Zippers, Piping/Cording, Applique  Kit  $5
Class V   Thurs  22 11-2 or 5:30-8:30pm Quilting incl: Preparation, Batting, Piecing, Techniques Kit  $10

Embroidery Know How  1-4 or 6-9pm
Embroidery Machine Owners   Threads, Stabilizers, Hoops, & Adding/Sewing/Saving a Design    Kit  $5*

*These are approximate times, dates, & Scheduled techniques. Depending on the number of students, classes may vary.
Make your reservation today!

The Perfect Sewing Room
by Anita Goodesign
 is coming to
Friday Nov 20
Sat Nov 21

We are excited to be having an
Anita Goodesign Event!
Anita Goodesign is probably the most popular embroidery event in the country!
"The Perfect Sewing Room"
Embroidery Party will be hosted by Sewing Machines Etc in Goodlettsville!
Sign up for either day
Nov 20th or 21st
& learn how to create practical projects for your sewing room or gifts to share!
*Classes: Most require a minimum of 3 students - Some require you to a purchase a kit - Class/Kit Fees vary - We reserve the right to change dates as needed - Most classes require you to bring your machine & basic sewing supplies. You must make a reservation. A deposit is required to be guaranteed a spot. See store for details.*
If you are attending this event, you should have received an email with the details. If you have not received that email, please try to reregister your information & join our email list with the link at the top of the page.

Please contact us at 615-859-9900
if you have not received the final email for our
Sewing Room